McAfee is one of the top-renowned companies that have been working for offering the best antivirus products to its users so that they may stay connected to the digital world by avoiding the risks associated with it. All the McAfee products provide the layer of protection to the users’ device (executing upon variant platforms like Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows) against the online threats that might cause harm to it in several ways.
Apart from protecting the device against various cyber attacks, McAfee Activate product also provide various other amazing features like firewall (inbound &outbound), on-access scanner, real-time scanning, and many more. Some of the popular McAfee Activate products are as follows:

1.McAfee VirusScan
2.McAfee Total Protection
3.McAfee Internet Security
4.McAfee LiveSafe
5.McAfee Child Protection

To get any of the McAfee Activate products on the users’ device, they need to access the official McAfee link:, followed by performing a set of four interrelated procedures that includes the following:
1. Purchase
2. Download
3. Install
4. Activate

How to Purchase & Download the McAfee Activate?

The users may purchase the McAfee Activate product either using the online method or offline method. When the users wish to download the McAfee Activate using the online method then, they require a proper internet connection (wired connection is more preferred). While, the users need to visit the nearby retail stores for purchasing the offline pack of the McAfee Activate product in offline method.
Before purchasing the McAfee Activate product, make sure that the users’ device is compatible with the McAfee Activate product. For ensuring the compatibility of the McAfee Activate with the users’ device, go through the product description detailed just below the product.
Now, follow the steps mentioned below for downloading the McAfee Activate over online method:

1. Access the official McAfee link: using the web browser being installed to the users’ device.
2. And then, go to the “Product” page for selecting the desired McAfee Activate product that the users wish to install to their device.
3. After this, click the “Download” button, followed by making the payment of the selected McAfee Activate product.
4. Once the payment has been made successfully by the users, a McAfee Activate download link will be sent to the users’ email address in the form of email.
5. Click the link and download the McAfee Activate product setup file to the device.
6. By default, the product will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder of the device.

How to Install the McAfee Activate?

1. Again, move to the link i.e.
2. Here, click the “Log in” button, displayed at the rightmost corner of the page.
3. Now, sign in to the McAfee Account using the credentials like email address and password associated with it.
4. After signing in to the McAfee Account, go to the “Subscription” section followed by clicking the “download” displayed in front of the purchased McAfee subscription.
5. At last, follow the instructions displayed on the screen for performing the McAfee installation procedure.
6. Once the McAfee Activate product gets successfully installed to the device, the users may utilize its services for offering the protection to their device as well as the data.

How to Activate the McAfee Product?

For activating the McAfee Product, a 25-character alpha numeric keycode is required i.e. McAfee Activation License Keycode. This McAfee Activation License Keycode is made available in either of the two forms detailed below, depending upon the method adopted to purchase the product:

1. In the form of order confirmation email, if purchased through online method.
2. In the form of McAfee Retail Card, if purchased via offline method.

Now, follow the instructions detailed below or successful McAfee Activate using the McAfee Activation License Keycode:

1. Launch the web browser on the device, followed by accessing the official McAfee link:
2. Here, enter the entire required details like McAfee Activation License Keycode, and email address (registered by the user at the time of purchasing the McAfee Activate product).
3. Also select the “Language” and the “Country” name as specified in the retrieved confirmation email or the McAfee Retail Card.
4. Ensure that the details being entered by the users are correct. If some incorrect details have been entered the, make it correct by clicking the “Edit” button.
5. At last, click the submit button, followed by clicking the “Verify” button.
6. Thus, the McAfee product gets activated on the device, successfully.